Financial Services

We have successfully run several EU public affairs campaigns including on alternative investment fund managers (AIFMD), derivatives trading and retail banking issues (EMIR), payment services (PSD2) as well as capital and solvency requirements. Recent financial services work has included a comprehensive EU strategy and association management for European credit unions and advice and counsel for members of the alternative investment community.

Files under on-going monitoring and engagement for clients and prospective clients include (non-exhaustive list): CRD/CRR, CMU (retail financial services especially), EDIS (and DGSD), IFRS 9, 4th AMLD and the Corporate Tax Reform Package. Furthermore, the recent prominence of financial services technology on policymakers “to do lists” has brought us to focus and set-up pilot projects on FinTech, InsurTech and Distributed Ledger Technology to assess and ultimately influence their potential impact on EU financial services policy. As a practice we attempt to continuously look to the future of financial services in the EU and what could possibly be next in the policy environment.

As part of an International consultancy we collaborate extensively with our colleagues in London and draw from their extensive experience in the City of London biggest names in finance. We have a dedicated team composed of public affairs professionals with different professional, academic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, all fully committed to providing the best possible advice and services to our clients. We put an emphasis on delivering public affairs strategies tailored to each client’s needs and schedule including our tackling unique propositions to position the financial services and Fintech industry in the EU landscape.