Our researchers, analysts, advisers and lobbyists identify public policy threats and opportunities for our clients at all levels of government—local, national, regional and international—and help to give them a competitive advantage by minimising the threats and maximising the opportunities. Our objective is always to drive our clients’ bottom line or to meet other defined objectives.

Strategic Information Services:

We become the eyes and ears of our clients by monitoring and assessing developments of interest across a spectrum of identified issues.


  • Issue audit services to reconcile a company's key  objectives with critical policy matters;
  • Daily, weekly or monthly monitoring of public and private sources of information;
  • Ad-hoc reporting service to capture critical public and non-public news as and when it occurs;
  • Strategic input into clients' communication deliverables (e.g. newsletters);
  • Comprehensive website design and content management service (including interactive element) to increase traffic flow to the site;
  • Full issue database management service to provide a complete snapshot of all issues that affect a client and/or its market.

Strategic Analysis and Advice: 

We offer strategic advice based on a thorough understanding of clients' business interests and the corresponding legislative developments.


  • Creation of an in-house public affairs operation for clients;
  • Analysis of public policy, legislation and regulation (both at draft and adopted stages);
  • Monitoring of Parliamentary, civil service and     committee discussions and developments as they happen;
  • Analysis of business practice and its relationship with existing rules (e.g. Competition rules);
  • Strategic advice on responding to key consultations and engaging with decision-makers and other  officials.

Government Action:

We establish a platform for our clients to actively participate in policy and legislative debate.


  • Facilitation of client interaction with decision-makers (including governmental institutions as the issue proceeds through the legislative process);
  • Targeted media campaigns to complement clients' policy strategies;
  • Representation of client interests to stakeholders outside of government to align interests or resolve public policy issues.


We organise company, industry and general study visits and seminars for professionals and senior policy affairs officials who need to know more about the legislative process or impact of current legislation on their operations.


  • Facilitation of visits to EU governmental institutions and other stakeholders on either general or issue-specific topics;
  • Creation of contact programmes with clearly-defined, strategic objectives;
  • Advice on preparation for speaking engagements.

Association/Coalition Management: 

We have a strong track record in establishing, managing and successfully representing associations either on a long-term or issue basis (see Policy Action case studies). 


  • Creation of permanent or ad-hoc coalitions on issues of collective interest and relevance;
  • Provision of services including full financial and operational management, legal support and issue-based monitoring and auditing.

Public Affairs Training:

By working with training companies across Europe, we provide a range of courses on all aspects of public policy representation, including effective interaction with strategically-targeted government decision-makers. Beneficiaries of the training include public affairs practitioners, national government officials, company owner-managers and lawyers.


  • Creation of tailored training modules to suit individual needs;
  • Provision of modules for external training providers and professional speakers from broader public affairs networks.