HM Goverment Wallchart

Theresa May carried out a reshuffle of Government Ministers at the beginning of this week, a move designed to reassert her authority following the departures of several Cabinet Ministers late in 2017, such as Damian Green, Michael Fallon and Priti Patel.

Despite talk of an ambitious and far reaching reshuffle, few cabinet positions changed hands. There were a greater number of new appointments at junior Ministerial level though, with many MPs tipped as rising stars given their first role in Government. Theresa May said her reshuffle has made the Government look “more like the country it serves”.

Notably, the broad balance between leavers and remainers around the Cabinet table is unchanged. David Lidington’s promotion to defacto replacement for Damian Green is the most significant promotion, and though he will not be named as May’s deputy, he will fill in for the Prime Minister when she is absent from PMQs and chair the key Cabinet Committees. Damian Hinds, the new Education Secretary, is another notable promotion. Elsewhere, some Cabinet Ministers declined to trade positions and some Departments gained new titles.

Will the reshuffle see new energy and ideas rise to the surface, as in Michael Gove’s reinvigorating approach to environmental policy, or will Brexit continue to stifle progress and capacity elsewhere?

With all this in mind, we’ve updated our clear and accessible Government Wallchart to help you make sense of it all.

The chart includes comprehensive information on:
•    Final list of Cabinet Members and attendees
•    Complete breakdown of Ministerial titles within each Department
•    Full details of Privy Council Memberships and cross-departmental roles.