Meet the new EP leadership  

The European Parliament has now elected its President, its Vice-Presidents, and the Chairs of its Committees. This new European leadership will remain in charge of affairs until the end of the current legislative term in 2024. We have developed two infographics on the Parliament’s new leadership. One features the Parliament’s President and Vice-Presidents, while the other one features its new Committee Chairs.

We analysed the election of Roberta Metsola as the new European Parliament President in a previous article. She was elected about two weeks ago thanks to the support of the three political groups that make up the majority in the European Parliament: the EPP, S&D, and Renew Europe. Back then MEPs also had to choose the new Bureau, consisting of 14 vice-presidents. This new Bureau now has a female majority.

Last week, it was the turn of the Committees to appoint their leaders. The European Parliament currently has 20 standing committees and three subcommittees covering various policy areas from the environment to international trade. These are responsible for drafting Parliament’s positions on legislative proposals.

It was not surprising that most parliamentary committees and three sub-committees reappointed their chairpersons and their vice-chairpersons to their respective posts for the second part of the 2019-2024 parliamentary term. The Committees on Civil Liberties, Legal Affairs, Constitutional Affairs, Petitions, Environment, and Public Health, Industry and Research, Budget, Development, Security and Defence, Human Rights, and the one on Fiscal Affairs have all reappointed their chairpersons.

Some Committees needed another person to take charge, however, including the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and the Committee on Women’s Rights. Regarding the latter, a Polish member of parliament, Robert Biedroń, has been appointed as Chair.

This whole new Parliamentary leadership is designed to ensure that Parliament will be a key voice in the most pressing debates. From the EU’s Green Deal to its digital transformation, they will seek an exchange of views with stakeholders and citizens and seek to strengthen confidence in the EU.

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