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Our health practice has extensive experience in providing strategic advice to clients, creating awareness campaigns and impacting and shaping EU health policies. We use this experience to create award-winning public affairs and communication strategies tailored to each of our clients, whether they are trade associations, multinational corporations or non-governmental organisations.

As an international consultancy, we also collaborate closely with our colleagues in Berlin, London, Dublin, and other offices to assist our clients in achieving their objectives at both European and national levels. Our expertise spans every aspect of the healthcare sector including medical technologies, mental health, patient safety, community care, antimicrobial resistance and health assessments.

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We have extensive experience in advising clients on a range of energy and environmental issues. This includes policy monitoring and analysis, as well as the creation of strategic public affairs campaigns. We have supported and represented both traditional energy producers and those leading the transition to a low-carbon economy, and thus, we are well-rounded in understanding the complexities of the European energy market.

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The recent prominence of financial services technology on regulators’ “to-do lists” has brought us to focus and set up pilot projects on FinTech, InsurTech and Distributed Ledger Technology to assess and ultimately influence their potential impact on policy. Our aim is to continuously anticipate developments within the sector, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the curve as the policy environment evolves. Instinctif Partners Brussels has worked with a range of key players in the sector, including credit unions, payment providers, investment trusts, asset managers, insurers and FinTech companies. Our goal is to help shape and anticipate EU policy and regulatory issues affecting financial services providers and organisations across the EU.

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We have gained deep insight into the core issues facing Europe as it seeks to strengthen its Digital Single Market. Instinctif Partners Brussels offers a first-rate analysis of how the Commission’s proposals will come together and overlap in an increasingly complex and fast-paced regulatory environment. This makes us the ideal consultancy to advise clients with high stakes in this sector, guiding them through the intricacies of EU policy-making.
We have actively engaged on a number of wide-ranging digital issues, including copyright, mobile telephony issues, intellectual property rights enforcement, geo-blocking, audiovisual media services, portability of online content, ePrivacy, data protection, payments, and consumer protection law.

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Transport is an essential component of the European economy. The transport industry, at large, accounts for about 7 % of GDP and for over 5% of total employment in the EU. This sector is rapidly transforming to address changing consumer demands as well as concerns over climate change. This transformation is driving policy developments on new technologies, more integrated transport modes as well as a shift towards sustainable transport and light vehicles. We have experience in advising clients on this profound transformation, with a particular focus on micromobility. Our goal is to continuously anticipate developments within the transport sector, ensuring that our clients stay tuned to the latest changes in the policy environment. Therefore, we provide our clients with monitoring of ongoing changes within the EU policy space and guide targeted public affairs campaigns both in Brussels and in member states capitals.

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Our consultants in Brussels and other offices in Europe, have extensive experience in advising food, drink and agrifood companies on challenges ranging from big-picture societal issues such as obesity and environmental footprints, to food safety, pesticide use, genetically modified organisms and digital farming. We have worked with trade associations, non-governmental organisations, and individual companies to identify policy and commercial challenges, respond to questions from regulators and the media and develop proactive campaigns to build relationships, raise awareness and shape legislation.

Our Business Resilience team is specialised in crisis preparedness, mitigation and management and has extensive food sector experience.